Your impact on my life will never be forgotten

I would just like to share my experience with Open Door Ministries of High Point, North Carolina. In these unprecedented times, there have undoubtedly been hardships for many.

My personal experience?

I am a hard- working single mother of three. One who has held down a job since age 16, due to my upbringing. I was taught to be responsible for myself and self -sufficient. On 2/12/21 I found myself terminated unjustifiably from my employer. Needless to say, I was DEVASTATED... I thought, here I am in the middle of a Global Pandemic without employment, insurance or a way to pay my bills. Depression tried to set in. I reached out to ODM on 4/9/21 after exhausting all my funds from February/March in bills. I first heard the most pleasant comforting voice over the phone. That of a Ms. Vivian. She exhibited compassion even over the phone. I arrived at the facility, feeling anxious and a little defeated to “be honest”. I was called back to speak with Mr. Kevin Mills. I need to say, this is NOT his job. This is Kevin’s ministry. He listened to my situation, and I was so at ease. My spirit said “Let it go.” I did. Before I knew it, I was in tears, telling my entire story. Mr. Kevin encouraged me “In the Lord”!!! He reminded me to keep the faith, press on, be encouraged, this too shall pass, God is able. When I left, my spirit and countenance had been lifted. I appreciate all that ODM offers. But please don’t overlook what can’t be solved with money or bills paid. There is also nourishment for your soul right there at ODM. I am reminded, no matter what I face... With God, all things are possible.

Thank you Open Door Ministries!

Your impact on my life will never be forgotten.

Sincerely, Joyce L. Ridley