The Poem by John M.


Learning how to live alone is the hardest hurdle I've ever experienced.

I fought so hard for this, but never did I know I would become lonely.

Sometimes I think about my life during homelessness,

not once did I feel established and alone.

I always thought having a home would elevate me in the world,

like it would lift my chin and I could then walk with pride.

Turns out, there's no feeling of pride or accomplishment. What am I missing?

I appreciate the blessing completely. I'm just missing something.

I've heard a house isn't a home, and if that's the case. I'm in deep water because I've never had a house, or a home. So, what's my next move?

What angle did I miss, it amazes me how before the blessing this feeling didn't exist.

I could come and go, smile and laugh, walk or run, invite, and be invited.

Oh how things change, gratefully the one thing that I've cherished, and walked in, hasn't. Faith!

Look how far we've come. God and I. Surely the path shall get less rocky, peace and comfort shall follow me through all of my days left.