The most amazing experience of my life

Since 2018 Kierra Lassiter found herself bouncing from place to place, and in 2019 she had a second child.  She was kicked out of her home, tried hotels, and last year was living in her car.  Her children were living with her dad at the time.  Like so many of our clients, Kierra had hit rock bottom. 

Kierra learned about Rapid ReHousing through a friend who benefitted from the program, and though skeptical after so many failed attempts to get back on her feet, she gave it a try.  Tonya Clinard, our Housing Program Manager, and Kendra Brooks, case manager, helped Kierra find a place to live with her children and get a job working from home.  She also received all the items necessary to start a new home: furniture, kitchen supplies, beds, and more. 

With joy and a smile, Kierra shared how amazing the program has been.  “The customer service and hospitality has been incredible.  They aren’t just doing their job—they truly want to help.” Kierra noted that her children (ages one and four) needed toys.  The program provided educational toys for Christmas, and now she says “they love them—my oldest is finally learning his numbers and letters.”

One of Kierra’s goals is to learn to drive.  She is saving to get a car.  Tonya and Kendra work with her on her goals and plans.  This month Kierra will pay her own rent. She has been saving so she can get back on her feet as much as she can.  The ultimate goal is self-sufficiency, and with the help of Rapid ReHousing, Kierra is well on her way. 

"This has been the most amazing experience of my life."