Success is keeping the lights on

by Peter Bolduc, guest of Open Door Ministries

Success is a relative term used to describe everything from Bill Gates’ level of wealth, to everyday common man goals of keeping the lights on and the rent paid.  The decisions we make every day, every hour, are what define or destroy that success.  It was a string of those decisions that landed me in jail for eight months and ultimately to become homeless and a resident of the men’s shelter operated by Open Door Ministries. 

When I was released from jail, I exited with the clothes on my back, five dollars and a well- used Bible.  After walking around town, just happy to be in the sunshine and fresh air, I quickly realized that I had no plan and very few options.  Just as despair was beginning to take over, I remembered the jail chaplain had suggested that I should stop into ODM and perhaps they could help.  I walked in the door with my plastic grocery bag of belongings and was immediately greeted by Will.  By the grace of God there was an open bed and, swallowing my pride, I told him my background story which was filled with months of substance abuse and poor decisions.  Without an ounce of judgment, he showed me my bed and gave me a tour of the facility, while telling me a brief synopsis of the programs available.  He made it clear that as long as I was honest with him and just as important, myself, that he had a well -worn path to self-betterment. 

Flash forward 67 days (a stay made longer due to covid-19) I have a full time job and am searching for an apartment.  Equally as important as the job and housing assistance, ODM has provided me with substance abuse counseling and a stable, safe environment within which to get my life together. 

I have made poor decisions in the past that brought me to the bottom of the matrix of success.  With God’s grace and the tools provided by ODM and their staff I have attained a level of success not quite to Mr. Gates’ level, but certainly enough to be a productive, positive member of society and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you all!