People here care..

William Brooks is a gentle soul with a ready smile, happy to share what God is doing in his life despite some very difficult circumstances.  Having served three tours in Vietnam, Mr. Brooks was exposed to Agent Orange, which likely led to three bouts of cancer: prostate, colon, and now leukemia.  Due to poor health, he lost his job driving a tractor trailer—a job that was financially stable and one he enjoyed. 

Depression ensued, followed by alcohol abuse.  Mr. Brooks said he grew up in a spiritual home, and that he knew this wasn’t God’s path for him.  That’s when he sought help from the VA, and they referred him to Arthur Cassell Transitional Housing (ACTH).  Originally from Winston Salem, he was disappointed there was no transitional housing available there, which also meant that he could not continue the taxi driver job he most recently held. Nevertheless, Mr. Brooks admitted that he had tried doing things his way, and that hadn’t worked out.  Now he would trust God with his circumstances, whether he liked them or not. 

In addition to fighting leukemia, he also recently was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure.  His faith in God continues to strengthen him and to provide the courage to put his best foot forward each day.  He said coming to High Point was the best thing that ever happened to him.  “People here care,” he shared.  Though he has a supportive family in Winston Salem, they would not take him to his doctor appointments.  The staff at ACTH, however, are happy to support him in this way. 

ACTH gives Mr. Brooks the tools he needs to heal:  healthy (and delicious) meals, emotional support, and help securing financial support from the VA, including his pension which will enable him to live on his own.  The staff at ACTH give him a lot of freedom.  But Mr. Brooks pointed out that the desire to get better is the main factor in healing.  It takes hard work to overcome addiction and depression.  Mr. Brooks is quick to add that “God put me here for a reason.  I’m in the right place at this time… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” 

There is no doubt that Mr. Brooks’ positive attitude and faith in God will take him far as he continues on the road to recovery and toward independent living.