Volunteers making a difference

“if these walls could talk”… They would tell you about our awesome volunteers and community partners.  Bank of America’s My Environment – Triad Chapter looks for ways to improve our environment and to conserve and reuse our resources.  My Environment – Triad Chapter focuses on environmental education and awareness through various gardening, recycling, and sustainability classes in the Triad Market, including Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem.  We are also active in the community with community activities, including cleanups on Tarrant Road and MLK Drive.  We also participate with Greensboro Beautiful and Guilford County’s Creek Week.  In addition, we support Ruff Love Rescue with re-purposed t-shirt dog toys.  Further, we make re-crafted cards for local assisted living centers and Disabled American Veterans (DAV). 

For My Environment – Triad Chapter, good environmental stewardship is both taking care of our environment and taking care of our neighbors.  We are proud to support Open Door Ministries.  Wanda Wilson captures our commitment and passion for our environment and our neighbors.  Thank you, Wanda.  Wanda wrote the following: 

In late summer of 2018, our network made the decision to assist in keeping plastic bags out of landfills and, in the process, help our communities as well.  We began making bed rolls from the plastic bags.  We found an instructional video on YouTube: “How to Make a PLARN Bed Roll” from Tori Carle of City of Greensboro, Waste Reduction Supervisor.  We also found online crocheting and plarning instructions to make recycled plastic bag bed rolls. 

Some of our members make the plarn (plastic yarn) and some crochet bed rolls.  Using the talent and ability God gave me, I was able to make 5 bedrolls between September and December 2018.  So far this year I have completed 5 and have 3 more in the works.

People ask me “when you do you have time to make them”?  I have worked on them when sitting in front of the TV, when travelling in the car, on a bus trip with my church to Kentucky, when visiting friends in Texas, while waiting for my car to be serviced …….whenever I have time and am sitting/waiting.  My bag of plarn and crochet hook travel with me a great deal.

I have been asked how long it takes to make a bed roll.  I timed myself once and it took about 16 hours.  Time will be determined by the size of the crochet hook, skill level and how fast you crochet.

It is very gratifying to know I am helping my community and helping to recycle everyday items as well.